Intelligent asphalt distributor

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Applicable models:6T
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First, Product overview

 Intelligent asphalt Distributor is the company with years of engineering and equipment design and manufacturing experience, combined with today's Highway development, developing both simple and economical bitumen spraying machine series products one of the, it is a professional distributor of emulsified asphalt, cutback asphalt, hot asphalt, thermal adhesive for modified asphalt and a variety of construction equipment.

The products can be used for the upper and lower seal coat of pavement, asphalt surface treatment, penetration of asphalt pavement, and fog seal construction and other projects, can also be used for transportation of liquid asphalt and other heavy oils.


Second, the Product pictures

Third, the Product features

1 , Asphalt spraying three overlapping, according to walking speed, automatically adjust the spraying;

2 , Asphalt spraying the whole process can be completed in a cab;

3 Alone, each nozzle control, spreading width can be adjusted;

4 And vehicle control program has two sets of control systems (cabs and platform) to ensure bitumen spraying reliability;

5 , Computer control system uses a modular design, a low failure rate, and ease of maintenance;

6 , Tank insulation performance of asphalt, with an average temperature of ≤2c/h;

7 , Vehicle with self-priming device also provide external asphalt tank transfer;

8 , Vehicle with hand spray gun unit, corner parts can be patch asphalt;

9 , Heat conduction oil on asphalt pumps, nozzles and tank full heating can also be separately controlled heating;

10 Heat conducting oil heating system, safe and reliable automatic control;

6T Intelligent asphalt distributor (State v chassis) main technical parameter table

Enterprise name

Hunan new Wynn transportation industry and trade limited company

Product model


Name of the chassis manufacturer

China National heavy duty truck group Jinan commercial vehicle limited

Chassis model


Chassis name


Chassis brand


Emission level

State v

Number of axes


Engine manufacturers

China National heavy duty truck group Hangzhou engine branch company

NET engine power (kW)


Emissions standards

State v

Asphalt tank loading media


Complete vehicle kerb mass ( kg )


Maximum total mass ( kg )


Heating method

U -Tube boilers

Asphalt effective tank volume

6 Cubic

Asphalt tank long short axis x axis x length (mm)

2160 × 1560 ×2870

Asphalt tank in axis x x short axis length (mm)

2000 ×1400×2740

Tank insulation thickness (mm)


Number of nozzles (PCs)


Asphalt cloth width


Asphalt distributor


Heat conduction oil pump


Asphalt pump

TG TP86-100

Hydraulic motor



Li Ya Lu G5S


Loncin petrol generator

Generator model number


Generator rated COP


Rated speed


Generator rated voltage, current

380V 、11.4A

Generator dimensions

681 ×546×566

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