Gravel synchronization sealer

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Applicable models:NLY5250TFC
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A product overview

 Intelligent asphalt gravel synchronous sealer Wynn launched by science and industry honors, with international standard of new asphalt pavement construction equipment, can be widely used in highway fast synchronization of spread (strewn) job, at the same time spreading asphalt and aggregates can also be sprinkled respectively (sub). With cost savings, road wear-resistant, non-slip, waterproof performance, rapid recovery after the construction traffic and so on. Suitable for different levels of road construction.


Second, the product pictures

Third, product features

1. interval is not asphalt macadam born in the same place for more than 1 second, greatly improving the bond;

2. stone and asphalt tank cartridge loaded in the same chassis, reducing costs;

3. China HOWO heavy truck chassis, bearing capacity is strong, powerful, full-power hydraulic power take off, improved vehicle space.

4. the advance direction, increasing the safety of construction, significantly reduce the harm to the body, with less impact on the environment;

5. spread accurate, perfect asphalt sprayed three overlapping, uniformity is good;

6. intelligent control spray, spray volume and speed monitoring, closed-loop control;

7. the computerized touch-screen operation, equipped with a video surveillance system can be observed at any time throughout the process;

Reliable, durable, easy to operate control system uses PLC modular design (low failure rate, maintenance convenient and simple);

8. using double-ended screw boiler, the combustion efficiency, fast heating, automatic ignition and automatic temperature control system running safely and smoothly.

9. the unique boiler heating system and circulation system ensures smooth flow of pipes and nozzles, no diesel to clean.

NLY5250TFC Synchronous sealer of asphalt macadam main technical parameter table

Enterprise name

Hunan new Wynn transportation industry and trade limited company

Product name

Synchronization of asphalt macadam sealer

Product model


Product trademark


Name of the chassis manufacturer

China National heavy duty truck group Jinan truck company limited

Chassis model


Overall dimension (mm)

(Length x width x height)

9895 ×2496×3730

Emissions standards

GB17691-2005 Four / four

Cab number (person)


Number of axes


Engine model

D.10.20-40 、D10.31-40、D10.27-40、D10.30-40

Maximum speed (km/h)


Engine manufacturers

China National heavy duty truck group

Engine displacement (ml)


Engine rated power (kW)


Control system

Touch screen / Siemens PLC control system

Asphalt cloth width


Asphalt distributor (kg/m2)


Stone container volume (m3)


Asphalt tanks allowed loading volume (l)


Number of nozzles


Rubble strewn quantity (kg/m2)

3 ~25

Maximum number of simultaneous seal width (mm)


Elliptical tank dimensions (mm)



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