Integrated bitumen emulsion equipment

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First, product overview

Integrated application of emulsified asphalt equipment with high technical content, involving areas of machinery industry, fluid dynamics, electronics industry, such as advanced technology. The next 10 years, construction of roads and bridges in China will still maintain a rapid pace of development, road maintenance will also be a priority in construction projects and integrated collection equipment on emulsified asphalt emulsified asphalt, modified emulsified asphalt will be road construction as well as the best choice for road maintenance, Market demand is expected to be very broad.

Second, the product pictures

Third, the Product features

1 ,This small site adaptability;

2 ,Formulations and versatile production of modified asphalt emulsion, required for the construction of various oil viscosity, oil, micro-table the necessary material supplies, while also carrying asphalt transport and transhipment;

3 ,Double helix structure, boiler, double inlet and double outlet, and inside asphalt tanks ensure temperatures do not dissipate heat and high efficiency; long flues and fuel combustion to achieve environmental results;

4 ,Asphalt aspiration for 12m3/h, ensures the rapid unloading of external transfer vehicle,30m3 asphalt tank and can uninstall;

5 ,Modular heating, heating system, overall, but also local heating.

Four, Product main configuration table 

Technical parameters

Overall dimension

10000 ( long ) x2500 ( wide ) x2800 ( high ) mm



8 Cubic meters / hour


Transfer pump


Asphalt tank

30 Cubic

Liquid soap tank

1.7 Cubic X2

Heating medium

Heat-conducting oil

Colloid mill


Emulsified asphalt conveyor product pump


Liquid soap pump


Heat conduction oil pump


Mixing motor



Li Ya Lu 25 kcal

Rapid heater




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