Modified bitumen emulsion equipment

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First, product overview 

Modified asphalt units from production units, additive feeding unit, heating units, finished tanks consists of four parts, by Wynn's science and industry to develop and produce, processed products SBS modified asphalt 10 tons / hour /20 tons / Hour. The product can achieve continuous feeding, continuous production, low energy consumption, high efficiency, small footprint, easy operation, reliable performance and so on.


Second, the product pictures 

Third, product features

1) high temperature areas have very good resistance to high temperature, low temperature

2) have good resistance to rutting, its flexibility and toughness 

3) Improve the anti-fatigue ability of pavement, especially in large flows, has good ability on a overloaded roads, pavement can be reduced permanent deformation 

4) Bonding is particularly strong, can significantly improve the road surface tension of water, and greatly improve the water stability of asphalt 

5) Ability to improve skid resistance of pavement 

6) To enhance bearing capacity of pavement 

7) Reducing pavement of asphalt aging caused by ultraviolet radiation 

8) Reduced due to leakage in vehicle diesel, oil and gas and the damage caused by 

Four, Product main configuration table  

The name
Maximum productivity (t/h)
Modification of fineness (UM)
Modified bitumen emulsion equipment
20 5
Modified bitumen emulsion equipment
10 5

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